Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya

RUTS: delivering automatic mushroom cultivation cabinets to 8 districts in Songkhla Province


Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer Management, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, together with Songkhla Provincial Agriculture Office Under the project to strengthen agricultural occupations, generate income, farmers, rubber farmers and oil palms. Under the province's annual government action plan for fiscal year 2021,  promote automatic mushroom cultivation with "Automatic Mushroom Cultivation Cabinet."

Assistant Professor Worapong Boonchuaytan, Director of the Office of Innovation Management and Technology, Assistant Professor Supawadee Makon, Rattaphum College, Dr. Salinee Thippeng, Faculty of Liberal Arts Ajarn Rasmon Yuraphan, Faculty of Administration and Assistant Professor Wanpracha Nuansoey, Rattaphum College delivered smart farm technology to help promote careers and generate income for farmers.  Mrs. Sirima Bangassare, Head of Production Promotion and Development and Ms. Somruthai Inthamano, a specialist agricultural extension scholar also participate on the occation.

Through this innovative automatic mushroom grower, farmers reduced usind water upto 20% as it's low cost, high quality products and good price and in addition the  occupation can generate income for the family as well.