Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya

Reseach and Development Institute held an event for OTOP

Asst Pof Praphasri Srichai, Director of Reseach and Development Institute held an event to deliver fiheries products from communities to promote and publicize products from supporting research and development to upgrade OTOP products of the south on the basis of local resources to compete in the market for agencies, networks, government agencies and OTOP traders in Trang province. Discussed ways to drive research in various fields to transfer knowledge to the community under the University vision of Innovation for Society By participating in the stable development of the region, with Mr. Sari Homhuan, Trang Provincial Development Officer, Mr. Wasan Suksuwan, Kasetsart Province, Ms. Wasana Winothai, Director of the Radio Broadcasting Authority   of Thailand , Ms. Supakit Kliangsong, Trang Province, and OTOP TRADER. All agencies are willing to give advice and support for further development and development to strengthen the community in a sustainable way.