Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya

Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology open the training course to up value product to the community.


Dean of Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology open the training course to up value products to the community.

The impact of the epidemic situation (Covid-19) has resulted in many entrepreneurs in the community to close down and lack of income within the family and affecting the way of life to be more difficult. By training the Blog Course and the Bloger Course, it is to educate and build new careers in the blog community. It is the production of recording media in various fields and the Bloger. Writing articles that make them more interesting, including presentation The information in that particular area emphasizes the uniqueness or identity of the author himself as much as possible. Also to help training participants Knowledge of theory and tools to write articles online online content or in the formatting of various elements for technical advancement to a career This is to develop skills to enhance new careers in the community and support the development of innovations to enhance the community's products or services. It also allows participants to know the principles and practices of advertising media and can actually be used

          Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology, RUTS, is an organization of digital innovation that attaches importance to education to produce professional vocational teachers and technologists Therefore, serving the community by applying the techniques used in teaching and learning to benefit the community. Ready to take part in the development of the community to grow Have a career and earn. It is considered to create another form of work that is beneficial to the community and society as a way to increase income during the epidemic situation (Covid-19)